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A woman wears her coat while standing outdoors during the fall.

Caring for Your Coats: A Guide

A good quality coat should last you between 3-5 years, but if you live in a place as warm and sunny as Florida, you probably don’t get […]
A woman sorts through piles of laundry after cleaning.

Why Dry Cleaning Services are More Convenient Than Laundry

The average American family does about 300 loads of laundry a year, making it one of the most arduous, exhausting tasks anyone can partake in. This […]
A person tries on a wedding dress for fittings.

Wedding Dress Care 101: A Guide

Your wedding dress is possibly the most important outfit you will ever buy–and possibly the most expensive too. After spending thousands of dollars on a dress, you’d […]
A sheet of silk fabric for dry cleaning.

9 Fabrics You Should Only Get Dry Cleaned

We all wear various kinds of fabrics in our daily lives, from regular cotton to fancier fabrics such as silk and linen. While many of them […]

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Customer service is our priority at Alan Dry Cleaners. We take pride in customer satisfaction by providing quality dry cleaning and laundering services

Alan Dry Cleaners is the Most Reliable Same Day Dry Cleaning Service in Miami Gardens

As one of the most well-reputed professional dry cleaners services in town, we pride ourselves on offering quality, convenience, and affordability to all our clients.

We provide high-quality same-day dry cleaning services across Miami Gardens, so no matter what the occasion, situation, or urgency, you can count on us to get your clothes ready within a few hours. We’ll ensure that your clothes are well taken care of and in pristine condition, just in time for you to wear them.

Take a look at our services and other details, and call us if you have more questions.


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